Who We Are

Late 2012 Clearlink Services was established with one goal:

“Providing Innovative High Productivity Cleaning Solutions for Building Service Contractors “

Area of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services delivering solutions to contractors in the cleaning industry:

  • Innovative product solutions
  • Environmentally friendly chemical solutions
  • Restoration of ceilings
  • Innovative systems for new and existing contracts.

At Clearlink Services, we thrive on innovation, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

Our Expertise

The team at Clearlink Services is proud to offer a versatile service, but even more so to offer the guarantee of quality work.

Clearlink Services is pleased to have an enviable reputation in the short time of operation with their agents and clients. Our confident and experienced team adheres to the principles of integrity, efficiency, and speed, which has been our creed since the very birth of the company.