Odourless Technology for Municipal Solid Waste

A new way of processing municipal solid waste.

We created ART – Advanced Recycling Technology of Municipal Solid Waste.
We recover everything that can be used again and recycled.
We do not need segregation at source.
We are the answer to global challenges of circular economy and sustainable development.

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Waste Segregation? There Is A Better Way.

See the advantages of using the Bioelektra Technology

No Separate Collection

No Separate Collection

Everyone can focus on issues that really matter, rather then guessing how to go about throwing away a plastic bottle with a metal cap, paper stuck to its side and some ketchup still inside.

Operators can decrease the amount of bins and trucks in circulation for collection. Simple collection of municipal solid waste costs less. Less money and less nerves.

96% Saved from Landfill.

96% Saved from Landfill.

We treat waste as a resource not as a problem.

And we get the most out of it: glass, plastics, metals, minerals, fuels (rdf/srf) and biomass to be used as fertilizer or fuel.

A mere 4% remains for landfill. Everything else has value.



The most troubling social issue of waste: the smell. We solve it within minutes. We sterilize waste to eliminate odours. Gone.

Our facility can be located closer to the waste source than any other alternative.Odourless waste treatment technology that doesn’t mean incineration. Finally.


“The Circulars 2017” winner in “The Dell Circular Economy People’s Choice Award” category – most inspiring, innovative solution, stimulating circular economy development

“Energy Globe National Award 2017” winner – best Polish project for environmental protection and sustainable energy usage

“GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator” honorable award – RotoSTERIL as the technology with significant potential for development