Accessories For Your Floor Cleaning Machines

So that you can use your floor cleaning devices of HEFTER cleantech completely to your satisfaction, we offer you numerous accessories. Equip your floor cleaning machines with pad holders, brushes and rollers or invest in a drawer for battery replacement. In addition to accessories, which can be used equally for all machines, we also have products that are specially tailored to the individual devices. For example, a ram guard for the VARIOTECH® 112 Pro, which protects the system from damage, is part of the assortment.

Equip Floor Cleaning Machines with Special Accessories

Choosing the right accessories does not just depend on the model of the machine you use. Other factors also play a role. In the case of escalator cleaning, the decision for a brush depends, for example, on whether an automatic adjustment unit is used, what depth the steps have grooves on, and how heavily the escalator is soiled. To abrade the escalator coating, special brushes with abrasive grain can be used, which are very abrasive and produce a uniform appearance of an already damaged escalator.

Replace Worn Parts and Conclude Maintenance Agreements

In order to keep your floor cleaning machine always up to date, it is advisable to replace wearing parts in good time. All machines are made of durable stainless steel. Regular replacement of parts that wear off ensures that you can benefit from a reliable cleaning device over a long period of time.

To maximize this time, we recommend that you sign a maintenance agreement with HEFTER cleantech. You benefit from differentiated agreements – premium, standard, basic and individual service – including consistent cleaning quality, less downtime and reduced travel and cancellation costs, as well as the purchase of spare parts.

Quickly find the right accessories for your floor cleaning machines by filtering the products according to their classification or machine type.

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