Escalator Cleaning With The RF 40

Hefter have developed a special cleaning machine for specifically for escalators: the RF 40.

Automatic Escalator Cleaning: Step By Step

Conventional floor cleaning machines are not up to the demands of cleaning an escalator. The RF 40 is designed to optimally clean both the treads and the faces of the escalator in the least amount of time.

To clean the treads, the unit is placed at the bottom of the ascending escalator on the ground level and slowly from right to left and back again. The RF 40 is left in this position so that the steps automatically alternate, gradually cleaning all of them.

Optionally, the treads, after a device of the machine, also cleaned automatically. The cleaning machine moves in this case independently from one side to the other.

To clean the front surfaces, the escalator is switched off and the vertical surfaces are easily cleaned, step by step.

A cleaning of moving walks is possible with this machine without any problems.

RF 40 Cleans Every Staircase Type – Also As RF 40 Light

In addition to the RF 40, we also developed the RF 40 light. This works just like the sister model, only the cleaning of the front pages is not possible with it.

Both variants are easy to transport, easy to use and have a short set-up time.

Perfect your escalator cleaning and also test our escalator special cleaner, which was specifically developed for the RF 40.