SWO 100

High performance industrial vacuum cleaner

The 3000-watt powerful industrial vacuum cleaner SWO 100 is equipped with a star filter that can withstand up to 240 degrees in the short term. The larger than average filter surface of 2 m² allows the suction of large quantities, fine dusts and oily media. The SWO 100 can absorb dusts, solids and liquids. The 3 naturally aspirated motors can each be switched on individually. All this makes the SWO 100 flexible. The external Filterabrackling, as well as the lowerable and mobile collecting container make the teat especially easy to use.

Due to the steel construction, the sucker is extremely robust.



  • Large amounts of dusts and solids
  • liquids
  • Oil-containing liquids


Power 3.45 KW
Max. Negative Pressure 2500 mm H 2 O
Max. Airflow 540 m³ / h
Filter Area 2 m²
Filter Type Main Filter (L)
Suction Connection Diameter 80 mm
Container Capacity (liquid) 100 l
Noise 76 dB (A)
Insulation Class F
Tension 230V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 770 x 660 x 1500 mm
Tare 85 kg