This patented scouring machine significantly reduces the cleaning time. Hard-to-reach areas that previously had to be reworked manually – such as corners and niches – can now also be cleaned by machine. The TURNADO® 55 scrubbing and suction head, which can be rotated through 400 °, ensures that there are no differences between the main and secondary areas in the cleaning result.



  • Plastic tank
  • Ergonomic control unit adjustable in height and inclination
  • 400 ° rotating suction and scrub head


  • Reduction of manual post-processing of problematic surfaces with the aid of the suction and scrub head rotatable by 400 °
  • Easy detection of corners and niches
  • Cleaning under superstructures such as work desks, shelves, etc.
  • Long usage times due to large tank volume
  • Easy handling
  • Compact design
  • Extreme


Worker Width Brushes 550 mm
Power Consumption 680 mm
Working Width Sucking 500 mm
Rotatable scrubbing and suction head TURNADO® up to 400 °
Overall Length 920 mm
Overall Width 408 mm
Total Height 1150 mm
Theoretical Area Performance 2475 m / h
Contact Pressure Brush/Pad 2.2 N / cm² / 0.5 N / cm²
Noise Level / Noise Level Silent Function 75 db / 69 db
Brush Motor 2 x 190 W
Naturally Aspirated 500W
Capacity (Maintenance-free Gel Batteries) 105 Ah
Working Time per Battery (Depending on Soil and Dirt) to 2 1/2 h
Tank Volume Fresh Water/ Dirty Water each 45 L
Max. Surface Pressure 2.8 N / mm²
Max. Driving Speed 4.5 km / h
Max. Water Application about 3.5 l / min
Traction Motor 110W
Max. Operating Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 223 kg
Empty Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 178 kg