TURNADO® 68 is the new generation of proven TURNADO® technology. Thanks to the 400 ° rotatable brush and suction head, the TURNADO® 68 also cleans hard-to-reach areas such as corners and niches without manual reworking.

With the new, open tank design for optimal hygiene, long life, and unique options, this machine is the next step in the future.



  • Plastic tank
  • Ergonomic control unit adjustable in height and inclination
  • 400 ° rotatable TURNADO® suction and scrub head
  • Toolless brush replacement


  • Reduction of manual post-processing of problematic surfaces with the aid of the suction and scrub head rotatable by 400 °
  • Easy detection of corners and niches
  • Extremely agile
  • Open tank design for optimal hygiene in the machine
  • Long usage times due to large tank volume
  • Tank made of impact-resistant PE plastic
  • Separate detergent dosage
  • BlueSave® System * for an environmentally friendly cleaning and optimal use of resources
  • Automatic lifting and lowering of the brush head
  • Unique options


Worker Width Brushes 680 mm
Working Width Sucking 751 mm
Rotatable scrubbing and suction head TURNADO® 400 °
Overall Length 1266 mm
Overall Width 567 mm
Total Height 1157 mm
Theoretical Area Performance 3060 m² / h
Contact Pressure Brush/Pad 1.6 N / cm² / 0.4 N / cm²
Noise Level / Noise Level Silent Function 69 db / 66 db / 60 db (Silent Pro)
Brush Motor 3 x 150 W
Naturally Aspirated 500W
Capacity (Maintenance-free Gel Batteries) up to 120 Ah
Working Time per Battery (Depending on Soil and Dirt) about 3 h
Clear Opening 751 mm
Tank Volume Fresh Water / Dirty Water 60/65 l
Max. Surface Pressure 0.96 N / mm²
Max. Driving Speed 5.5 km / h
Max. Water Application about 3.5 l / min
Traction Motor 200 W
Max. Operating Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 291 kg
Empty Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 226 kg