With this machine with VARIOTECH® technology, the positioning of the cleaning blade as well as the raising and lowering of the brush head are carried out automatically. It has a permanent working width of 112 cm available, which can be reduced by pressure on the wing to 71 cm.

A return system then brings the wing back to its original working width.



  • Fully automatic lifting and lowering of the scrub head
  • 112 cm working width -> can be reduced to 71cm at the touch of a button
  • Electronic fresh water reserve indicator
  • Quick-Change® quick-change battery system
  • horn
  • Additional pressure level for increased brush pressure


  • Reduction of manual post-processing of problematic surfaces with the aid of infinitely tiltable scrubbing and suction units.
  • Particularly effective for near-edge cleaning, eg on shelves, pallets, walls and systems
  • Economical cleaning of narrow passages as well as large surfaces with one and the same machine due to flexible working width
  • User-friendly handling
  • Extremely compact dimensions, therefore very agile
  • Less water change due to large tank volume
  • 10 year warranty on stainless steel chassis


Lifting Mechanism Cleaning Head electrical
Worker Width Brushes 710-1120 mm
Working Width Sucking 790-1240 mm
Overall Length 1320 mm
Overall Width 640 mm
Total Height 1095 mm
Theoretical Area Performance 5500 m² / h
Contact Pressure Brush/ Pad 2.3 / 0.5 N / cm²
Noise Level / Noise Level Silent Function 72 db / 69 db
Brush Motor 2 x 500 W
Naturally Aspirated 500W
Capacity (maintenance-free gel batteries) 180/220 Ah
Working Time per Battery (depending on Soil and Dirt) 24 hours
Tank Volume Fresh Water/ Dirty Water each 130 l
Max. Surface Pressure 1.8 N / mm²
Max. Driving Speed 5 km / h
Max. Water Application 8.9 l / min
Traction Motor 400W
Max. Operating Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 542 kg with 220 Ah
Empty Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 412 kg with 220 Ah
Control Cleaning Wing electrical
Lifting Mechanism Cleaning Head electrical