FS 82

Driver seat machines combine the HEFTER technologies VARIOTECH® and TURNADO®. This allows maximum flexibility and mobility in machine floor cleaning:

  • Cleaning also during the reverse drive
  • Cleaning of narrow cul-de-sacs in corners and niches
  • Easy cleaning close to the edge


  • Reduction of cleaning time
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Minimization of the number of machines


  • Economical cleaning of narrow passages as well as large surfaces with only one machine due to the variable working width
  • User-friendly handling
  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Ergonomically designed controls
  • One-button start-stop system
  • Can be used around the clock thanks to the Quick-Change® battery quick-change system
  • Minimization of the number of machines
  • Long service life due to large tank volume n10 years warranty on stainless steel chassis


Worker Width Brushes 660 – 820 mm
Working Width Sucking 760 – 980 mm
Rotatable scrubbing and suction head TURNADO® up to 400 °
Overall Length 1730 mm
Overall Width 760 mm
Total Height 1370 mm
Theoretical Area Performance 4510 m² / h
Contact Pressure Brush/Pad 1.8 / 0.4 N / cm²
Noise Level / Noise Level Silent Function 72/66 db
Brush Motor 500W
Naturally Aspirated 1 x 500 W
Capacity (Maintenance-free Gel Batteries) 275 Ah / 300 Ah (wet cell battery)
Working Time per Battery (Depending on Soil and Dirt) 24 hours
Tank Volume Fresh Water / Dirty Water each 150 l
Max. Surface Pressure 0.6 N / mm²
Max. Driving Speed 5.5 km / h
Max. Water Application 8.9 l / min
Traction Motor 400W
Max. Operating Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 815 kg
Clear Opening 760 mm
Empty Weight (with 105 Ah gel battery) 665 kg