KS 80

KS 80 – The entry-level model – with attractive sweeping performance

The purely manual KS 80 is the cheapest sweeper with the tandem roller system.

With the two counter-rotating main brushes, the KS 80 removes all dirt.

This makes the KS 80 the entry-level model for private and small commercial enterprises.



  • Especially smooth
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • Especially service-friendly
  • Height-adjustable brush and side brush
  • Space-saving folding bracket
  • Big dirt container


Overall Length 800 mm
Overall Width 660 mm
Total Height 330 mm
Total Sweeping Width 800 mm
Broom Width 470 mm
Sweeping System Tandem roller system
Power Transmission round belts
Drive Manually
Protective Container Contents 40 l
Theoretical Sweeping Performance 2800 m² / h
Practical average sweeping performance 1680 m² / h
Mass 14 kg