APS 300

Developed initially for the US Army and The US Carrier Group

The APS 300 is a unique, patented, air cleaning technology that strips microbes, ethylene, hydrocarbons, odors and other contaminants from the atmosphere.

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Developed initially for the US Army and used throughout the US Carrier Fleet, Bluezone® is a unique, patented, air cleaning technology that strips microbes, ethylene, hydrocarbons, odors and other contaminants from the atmosphere.


Bluezone® technology preserves fresh fruit and vegetable (FF&V) quality and extends shelf life along the global supply chain of storage, distribution, transportation, and end-use.


Its positive effect on produce quality and storage life has been demonstrated in transport containers, walk-in refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators and general produce storage areas.

Standard Designs

Ready made sizes for small to medium sized coolers (APS 300) and for large walk-in coolers (APS 2400)

Customizable Design

Need something specific? Something the requires a specific customized design? We can help.

Fully Vetted

The Dept. of Defense, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Carrier Group use air purification to combat food contamination and rapid food ripening caused by Ethylene gas.

Is there a stricter vetting process?

Part 1: Ethylene Gas

Ethylene is biologically active gas that affects the ripening of fresh fruits and vegetables (FF&V) as well as many other physiological processes. Certain fruits and vegetables generate ethylene as a natural part of their ripening cycle. Other fruits and vegetables are highly sensitive to the presence of ethylene, but may or may not produce the ethylene themselves. Because ethylene is a volatile organic compound, it diffuses out of plants and into the surrounding air. In this way, plants, fruits, and vegetables can be affected by the ethylene produced by other FF&V. Some of the negative effects of ethylene on FF&V are induced at very low (i.e. <0.5 PPM) levels of ethylene.

Part 2: Ethylene Removal

Removing ethylene from the air prevents the cycle of ripening in which early ripening of some FF&V causes other fruit to initiate ripening. Removing ethylene from the atmosphere slows the ripening process and maintains fruit quality. Since bruising can cause ethylene production, ethylene removal can prevent damaged fruit from causing an entire room to ripen.

Bluezone® ethylene removal claims are based on an extensive database of test results. We measure ethylene in our tests and demonstrations using a gas chromatograph (GC) in order to differentiate ethylene from the other organic molecules that are given off by fruits and vegetables.

Part 3: Benefits

Ethylene Control Increases Shelf  Life and Preserves Quality of
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The Bluezone® freshness enhancement technology works by removing ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone emitted by many fruits and vegetables, and microbial load from the atmosphere of refrigerated containers. By removing ethylene safely, in a cost effective manner, the fruits and vegetables maintain their color, texture, and taste. Without the technology in place, extended storage of mixed loads of fruits and vegetables can lead to excessive ripening, russet spotting, bitterness, softness, rotting,  toughening of the produce. Odor molecules and other volatile organic chemicals are similarly removed in the Bluezone® Reaction Technology.

Part 4: Benefits 2

Bluezone® Model 300 Removes Mold, Bacteria, Odors, and extends Fresh Produce Shelf-Life

Airborne Mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi are removed by the Bluezone® Technology, reducing the spread of these microbes from one food to the next.
Mold growth in the ventilation system is mitigated by removing mold and fungus from the air.

Eliminates mold, bacteria, odors, flavor transfer, and the chemicals that cause over-ripening in fruits and vegetables

• Eliminate odors
• Eliminate flavor transfer among foods
• Extend shelf life of fresh produce
• Reduce mold and other microbes
• Minimize waste