Ceiling Pro

Worldwide Leader in Ceiling Cleaning and Restoration we spend most of our lives under ceilings.
Ceilings trap smoke, odour, grease, dust, and other pollutants. Not only do they look bad, but also they can quickly become a sanitary problem.

Ceiling Pro Australia is here to help. Your ceilings can look new again without being painted or replaced. We have 18 eco-friendly products and knowledge to solve this problem.

Cleaning your ceilings brightens your facilities, extends the lifetime of your ceiling system, all while disinfecting and deodorizing your ceiling. This is a wise investment in your business that customers can’t help but notice.

Ceiling Pro is able to clean your ceiling for approximately 80% less than the cost of replacement.

How Ceiling Pro Successfully Restoring Ceilings

We use the appropriate mixture of our 19 proprietary solutions to tackle the specific problem we encounter at each site. The mixture reacts with the dirty ceiling and removes the soiling. This occurs without damaging the surface of the ceiling or walls.

No Business
for customers

  • We are there, when you want us there
  • We work around your schedule
  • We are there for you

No damage to the ceilings or walls

  • Our solutions are Ecofriendly
  • Less clutter debris (compared to replacement)
  • Free estimates / Test area cleaned

No mess

  • We protect and cover surfaces to ensure clean and fast site exits

No lasting odours

  • Dries quickly
  • Saves time / money is affordable

Surprisingly fast and effective

  • Less expensive than replacing
  • Cleans the whole ceiling
  • Work done after hours
  • Increases employee productivity

brightening of your facilities

  • Upgrades your work environment
  • Prolongs the life of your ceiling
  • Enhances your company’s reputation
  • Positive impression on your customers