Aerobot True Vacuum


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The two gel cell batteries will operate for about 4 hours.

The accessory Battery Exchange Kit is a system designed to allow the operator to run the robot up to 8 hours by exchanging the battery pack when it becomes low on charge.

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The AeroBot® is exceptionally quiet and emits only 68 decibels during operation; about the level of normal conversation and lower than an average household vacuum cleaner.

This quiet cleaning feature makes the AeroBot® ideal for hotels, hospitals, offices, and other environments where floor cleaning needs to take place with the least amount of intrusion.

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The 5″ color touchscreen control panel makes operation simple.

The robot has an icon-based menu that eliminates language barriers and makes operation easy.

Interactive menus and on-line, multi-lingual help screens guide the user through various functions and cleaning options including Route, Area, Spot, and Manual modes.

Custom-mapped cleaning routes are stored in memory and are easily selected depending on cleaning schedule or needs.

A numeric login screen requires operators to provide a password code prior to starting.

This prevents unauthorized use and identifies the user for performance reporting.

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Wi-Fi and 3G communications enable remote diagnostics and on-demand performance reporting.

On-board diagnostics constantly monitor all major systems to self-diagnose problems or routine maintenance needs.

The remote communication function allows the robot to alert the operator as well as Intellibot service staff.

Intellibot technicians can remotely diagnose and remediate the problem, significantly reducing downtime and service call expense.

Performance reporting is a powerful accountability tool allowing supervisors to effectively manage the cleaning process.

Reports show the machine location, operator identity, running times and dates, and any maintenance issues.

This information can be e-mailed to a selected account on a predetermined schedule, or wirelessly accessed from our secure customer portal on the Intellibot Website.

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One powerful motor lifts embedded dirt and debris.

The robot has a 10-gallon tank with airflow speed of 68 CFM.

It contains two, 24 VDC, ½ HP, two-stage tangential bypass vacuum motors, with a 45.8″ H2O sealed vacuum.

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AeroBot® can sweep right to the edge of wall.

AeroBot® features a rotating side brush that extends two inches from the robot housing; the side brush assures debris on the edges is swept up and vacuumed.

The AeroBot’s® highly sensitive sonar assures that the brush doesn’t make contact with the molding or wall; it allows the brush to get as close to the edge of the wall as possible without hitting either the molding or wall itself.

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The AeroBot® is a true vacuum, not a carpet sweeper.

Carpet sweepers clean the top surface of carpets and stir up dust in the process.

The AeroBot® sucks in dust and cleans deep between carpet fibers to prolong carpet life.

Two washable foam filters clean the exhaust air.

Additional dust filtration is possible with the use of optional HEPPA cloth filters and HEPPA cloth vacuum bags.

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The robot door opens to allow easy access to the brush head and service components.

The tank and lid design allow easy access to all filters and to the tank for cleaning.

Bag, filters and the brush head are easily accessible.

Batteries are interchangeable with the use of an accessory Battery Exchange Kit.


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